Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sack It To Me!

Flour Sack Exercise

For our final exercise, we are to animate a flour sack in action. It is to display volume and shifting weight. It took me several attempts at getting the timing down (well... as down as a white boy can get...)

I added some shading this time around. Unfortunately, I didn't quite frame the shots well and the sack goes out of frame at the top of his arcing movement. Perhaps, I'll reshoot tomorrow... 'After all, tomorrow is another day...'

Pull My Finger... huh-huh...

Pull Exercise

In this exercise we were to animate a push or pull action. Like other exercises, it is supposed to illustrate some physical forces at work. In this case, it is the tension of two bodies pulling in opposite directions.

Since I'm slow at 'me drawrings', I have a guy playing tug-o-war with someone/something off-stage. Then, soo-prise, soo-prise, soo-prise... something happens.