Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day 14 & 15

Ok, this week we did no animation. Instead we focused on viewing animation clips. We watched some of the early Disney shorts, like Steamboat Willie, as well as full-length features like Snow White. The intent was to note the difference in quality of animation. The progression from the rougher early Disney to the more refined full-length features. The early animations had little to no ease-ins and all objects in frame moved at generally the same speed. The later animations were more refined with different objects moving with their own timing and spacing. The full-length features had even further refinements with multiple things going on at the same time and more realistic or at least believable action.

We also watched a couple of episodes of the Flintstones (an early one then a later one). Animation for television is on a much tighter time schedule. There are more looping shots and reused animations. Some action is implied rather than actually animated, using soundtrack to illustrate an action.

For spring break, I did little but I did manage to doodle a quick fire animation using color and sound effect pulled off of the web:

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